Team Info

Academy Soccer Teams:

Players who are accepted into the Boonville Soccer Academy will receive:

  • A soccer ball, two practice t-shirts, and two pairs of match socks that will be issued upon receipt of the equipment fee.
  • A minimum of two, 60-minutes practices per week (M-F) organized by our trained coaching staff and scheduled between 5-9p.m. at the Missouri Soccer Park. These intensive training sessions will focus on soccer technique.
  • Numbered uniforms (shorts and home/away jerseys) that will be issued upon receipt of the uniform deposit.
  • Weekend matches within the M3 and possible “friendly” matches against teams from surrounding areas. The number of matches and tournaments will vary from team to team.
  • A one year MYSA membership.

What we expect from our members:

  • Consistent attendance at practices and matches.
  • Positive attitude, effort, respect, and teamwork at practices and matches.
  • Timely payment of any and all fees.
  • Participation in fundraisers.
  • Proper care and timely return of uniforms at the end of the year or when you leave the club.
  • Following the Codes of Conduct any time you are representing the BSA.

Academy Matches: (Fall, Winter (Futsal), and Spring)

Academy Tryouts:

Any questions regarding tryouts please contact us.

Listed below are the current cutoff dates for the different age groups:

Age matrix: