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I. Responsibilities of the Coach.

1. Maintain a positive, safe environment for players
to learn and play the game of soccer.

2. Prepare the players for the demands of the game.

3. Prepare the players for the next level of play.


II. Player Development.

1. Tangibles (Ability).

i. Do the players COMMUNICATE appropriately with
teammates while on the field and from the bench?

ii. Do the players DEFEND aggressively and under control?

iii. Do the players DRIBBLE the ball with the appropriate
pace and under control?

iv. Do the GOALKEEPERS claim the ball and react to shots

v. Do the players HEAD the ball accurately and with the
appropriate weight?

vi. Do the players MOVE into the appropriate space in
order to defend, receive a pass, or draw a defender?

vii. Do the players PASS the ball accurately and with the
appropriate movement and weight?

viii. Do the players RECEIVE the ball with the
appropriate surface and turn into the appropriate space?

ix. Do the players STRIKE the ball accurately and with
the appropriate movement and weight?


2. Intangibles.

i. Character (Attitude).

A. Are the players coachable?

B. Do the players keep a positive attitude?

ii. Composure (Attitude).

A. Are the players confident while in possession of the
ball and while defending an opponent?

B. Do the players remain calm after team mistakes and
toward the end of a match?

iii. Commitment (Effort).

A. Are the players self-motivated and passionate about
the game?

B. Do the players always try their hardest?